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Emmanuel Darmois

Emmanuel has over thirty years of experience in various positions in academics and in the ICT industry.

He has been a Computer Science professor in a major French School of Engineering, both teaching and doing research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.

He has been an entrepreneur in the early days of networking in France around the ‘Minitel’ ecosystem (that was in the 80’s, Minitel is dead now). His start-up was in the domain of network gaming. A lesson learned from this: it is also about the business model, stupid.

He has been working with Alcatel-Lucent for over 20 years in many (largely technical) positions in Research, R&D and operational business. During that period, he has also worked in the USA as Technical Director for the TINA Consortium, a standards making organisation.

In his last position, he has been as VP Standards in Bell Labs, supervising standardization worldwide. This is where he caught the ‘standards virus’ that turns any reasonable engineer into a standards propagandist.

He has created CommLedge with his long-time friend Eugene Mitchell so that he could bring his expertise and enthusiasm to the community. His best preferred areas of work are technical strategy and technical communication.

Besides CommLedge, he is actively involved in ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) where he is Vice-Chairman of the Board, chairing the Operational Coordination Group. He is currently very active in Smart Grids and Machine-to-Machine.

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Eugene Mitchell

Eugene is long time practitioner in various fields of IT. Over all these years, he has been a free-lance, changing topics of interest over time, like the rest of us in this fast changing industry.

He has worked in Artificial Intelligence (this is where he has met Emmanuel, both being LISP fanatics), in Computer Aided Design, in Distributed Systems, and in all kinds of developments around the Web. Amongst other things, he is the programming engine behind CommLedge.

Two constant passions have governed his professional life. First, he is an Apple maniac and his activity is focused around this ‘platform’. In the recent years, he has been experiencing the shift to the ‘post computer era’ and this is the best piece of news: we have departed from this poor state of the IT industry where (to recall one of Emmanuel’s favourite proverbs) in ‘real’ life you have a PC and in ‘normal’ life you have a Mac. Now, real has become normal and life is full of opportunities.

Eugene’s other passion is for code. In particular, he is very interested in ‘beautiful’ code and whatever lies behind this, not just the pleasure of writing (whenever possible) or reading other people’s code. You could say Eugene is a geek: he could not enjoy a better compliment! He has joined CommLedge to share this, in particular when he can find time for his blog.

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