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The ETSI Specialist Task Force on IoT Virtualisation publishes its final results

The ETSI Specialist Task Force (STF 535) has published its final results under the form of three Technical Reports. The purpose of the project was to analyse the applicability of virtualisation to the IoT system, outline which can of architectures could support them and how such development could be based on micro-services. This was going together with the identification of Open Source Software (OSS) solutions (and standards support) and a proof-of-concept using some of the identified OSS components.

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ETSI Specialist Task Force on IoT Virtualisation (STF 535) launched

ETSI has launched the STF (Specialist Task Force) 535 on IoT Virtualisation within the SmartM2M Technical Committee. The topics addressed are:

  • Definition of a framework for IoT Virtualisation using micro-services
  • Identification of Open Source and standards support
  • A proof-of-concept using Open Source Software
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