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The EU Framework for Smart Grids standardization is published

The first release of the European Framework for Smart Grids Standardization has been published by the three European Standards Organizations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) for the European Commission: a Reference Architecture, an Information Security framework, a methodology to handle Smart Grids Use Cases. On top of this, a first Set of Standards has been identified that will allow early implementations of Smart Grids use cases.

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The EU and ETSI launch the Cloud Standards Coordination

On 4-5 December 2012, the European Commission and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) have launched the Cloud Standardization Coordination (CSC) initiative. The goal is to coordinate with relevant stakeholders in the cloud standards ecosystems and to devise standards roadmaps in support of the EU Cloud Computing policy in critical areas such as security, interoperability, data portability and reversibility.

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Why CommLedge

Whatever Web 3.0 will be, it will have to deal with a Communication + Knowledge + Architecture approach. The difficulty is that in the mean time, ICT (the Information and Communication Technologies) has become extremely pervasive and infiltrated a large number of other industries (other than those involved in the "Convergence": IT, Telecommunications, Multimedia). The task is more complex, the promise even larger. This is the space in which CommLedge will operate, as a TPAD company.

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Hello, Apple maniacs of this world ...

My centers of technical interest are largely revolving around the Apple ecosystem. Considering where Apple is today, this is not a small territory anyway. What I expect to bring here is a few of the snippets of knowledge that I gain through a lot of developments involving Apple gear and software and also through the tons of reading it requires. My general approach will try not to be geeky. After many years in the field, I think that there is a large demand regarding the ease of use of Apple stuff, also when it is about slightly more complicated issues than the basic usage of one's Mac or iThings.

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Welcome to CommLedge

We are very proud to start the operations of CommLedge today.

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