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CommLedge at IBC Legal Standards and Patents 2014

CommLedge has participated to the IBC "Standards & Patents" 2014 Conference as a panelist: Emmanuel Darmois has participated with a presentation dressing the in-depth collaboration of Standards Setting Organizations and Open Source Software in the production of 21st century standards.

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Emmanuel Darmois elected as vice-chairman of the ETSI Board

Two days after the General Assembly, the first meeting of the newly elected ETSI Board (and the 100th since the creation of the Board) has taken place the same week and has re-elected Emmanuel Darmois as chair of the OCG (Operational Coordination Group) with the attached role of vice-chairman of the Board.

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Emmanuel Darmois elected as Board member of ETSI

At the last General Assembly of ETSI on November 18, 2014, Emmanuel Darmois has been elected member of the Board, supported by CommLedge. He joins the group of 4 SMEs that are part of the 29 elected Board members.

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CommLedge becomes a member of ETSI

CommLedge has officially become a member of ETSI on November 18, 2013 after its General Assembly approved its membership application. CommLedge has become a member as an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise). We join one of the largest groups of actors in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), involved in the production of major worldwide standards that change everybody's life.

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CommLedge at the ISC Cloud 2014 Conference

The ISC Cloud conference was held on September 28-29, 20014 in Heidelberg, Germany, with a focus on the relation between Cloud Computing and HPC (High Performance Computing).  The contribution from CommLedge was done as in continuation of the work done in ETSI on Cloud Standards Coordination. ... More on this >

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