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Google Keep (s?)

On June 20th, Google has announced Google Keep. This is part of the Google Drive offering and it can be seen at least like a show case of the possibilities of Cloud in the Google domain. Taken seriously, this looks like a potential competitor to applications like Evernote (though that one has a much broader feature coverage) or Microsoft OneNote (though that one is rather seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Office and has a non-cloud version). 

But, do we have to take it seriously ? The most obvious answer is no. 

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Adobe in the cloud, fully

Very astounding decision from Adobe to stop selling its software and only sell (monthly) subscription to the on-line version (some will call it a 'cloud' version but 'on-line' is more appropriate and cloud here looks more like a marketing argument). Adobe is the first big size company going for this model fully and quitting the traditional 'software editor' one.

But there is a downside to this that is not so much expressed, and not just by Adobe. (A bit of) time will tell.

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Status Board: still some innovation in the App Store

After several years of App Store, it is still possible to be thrilled and stimulated by new applications that appear suddently and let you wonder why such a simple and brilliant idea has not been implemented earlier. Actually, we are precisely talking about innovation, the ability to create the perfect blend of ease of use, functional richness, flexibility that makes you life a bit different afterwards.

Status Board from Panic Software is precisely in this category. All in all, excellent value for money.

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Why CommLedge

Whatever Web 3.0 will be, it will have to deal with a Communication + Knowledge + Architecture approach. The difficulty is that in the mean time, ICT (the Information and Communication Technologies) has become extremely pervasive and infiltrated a large number of other industries (other than those involved in the "Convergence": IT, Telecommunications, Multimedia). The task is more complex, the promise even larger. This is the space in which CommLedge will operate, as a TPAD company.

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Hello, Apple maniacs of this world ...

My centers of technical interest are largely revolving around the Apple ecosystem. Considering where Apple is today, this is not a small territory anyway. What I expect to bring here is a few of the snippets of knowledge that I gain through a lot of developments involving Apple gear and software and also through the tons of reading it requires. My general approach will try not to be geeky. After many years in the field, I think that there is a large demand regarding the ease of use of Apple stuff, also when it is about slightly more complicated issues than the basic usage of one's Mac or iThings.

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