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Final presentation of the Cloud Standards Coordination Phase 2 results

The results of CSC Phase 2 have been presented during an open and interactive meeting on January 28th in Brussels gathering participants from the Cloud Computing community, including the experts of Cloud Standards Coordination phase 2. The meeting agenda and presentations can be found here.

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Cloud Standards Coordination Phase 2 publishes 4 reports

The 4 reports of CSC Phase 2 have been published between June 24th and August 7th and are available on the CSC web site. These reports are capturing and analyzing Cloud Computing Users Needs via a survey, analysing the relationship between standards and Open Source Software in Cloud Computing, analyzing how standards and certification can be best utilised to provide high security in Cloud Computing and finally assessing the maturity of Cloud Computing Standards two years after the CSC phase 1 evaluation.

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Cloud Standards Coordination Phase 2 publish its survey results

Cloud Standards Coordination phase2 has created a survey for collecting feedback from the Cloud Computing community in terms of needs, benefits, challenges and areas of concerns regarding the adoption of Cloud Computing. The results of the survey are published as version v 1.00 of a report which is open for public consultation and comments until September 18th.

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The Cloud Standards Coordination survey on Cloud Computing User Needs

A first and pivotal element of the second phase of the Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) Phase 2 initiative is a survey whose intention is to better identify the needs of Cloud Computing users, small and large, in particular regarding the potential benefits of standards. This survey is an occasion for the Cloud Computing community to voice their hopes and concerns. We strongly recommend that you take it.

Commledge leading the phase 2 of Cloud Standards Coordination

The second phase of the Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) initiative is starting in January 2015 as a project coordinated by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and grouping a number of experts in Cloud Computing and Standardization. The project will be lead by Emmanuel Darmois and is expected to deliver its results by the end of October 2014 at the latest.

The main focus of CSC Phase 2 is to analyze the needs of the users (in particular SMEs, administrations, etc.), to assess the maturity and applicability of standards to serve them, and to review the results of Phase 1.

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