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Commledge leading the phase 2 of Cloud Standards Coordination

The second phase of the Cloud Standards Coordination (CSC) initiative is starting in January 2015 as a project coordinated by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and grouping a number of experts in Cloud Computing and Standardization. The project will be lead by Emmanuel Darmois and is expected to deliver its results by the end of October 2014 at the latest.

The main focus of CSC Phase 2 is to analyze the needs of the users (in particular SMEs, administrations, etc.), to assess the maturity and applicability of standards to serve them, and to review the results of Phase 1.

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CommLedge at the Cloud Computing 2014 Conference

Falling in a key period for policymaking, with the European Commission and European Parliament elections this spring, The 3rd Annual European Cloud Computing Conference was an opportunity to debate future policy priorities for the Cloud Computing sector.

Emmanuel Darmois of CommLedge has been participating to a panel session on "Trust, Standards and Transparency: Where do European Cloud Computing Service stands?".

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Adobe in the cloud, fully

Very astounding decision from Adobe to stop selling its software and only sell (monthly) subscription to the on-line version (some will call it a 'cloud' version but 'on-line' is more appropriate and cloud here looks more like a marketing argument). Adobe is the first big size company going for this model fully and quitting the traditional 'software editor' one.

But there is a downside to this that is not so much expressed, and not just by Adobe. (A bit of) time will tell.

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