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A Holistic View of IoT Systems

This domain (which is part of our top areas of changes) is becoming one of our main topic of attention and work. The main reasons for this:
  • Internet of Things is still a maturing industry.
  • Standardization is (and will be even more int he future) a key enabler.

ETSI Specialist Task Force on Privacy, Security and Interoperability (STF 547)

ETSI has launched the STF (Specialist Task Force) 547, funded by the European Commission, with the participation of CommLedge (Emmanuel Darmois) as Project Manager and Expert. The topics addressed:
  • Privacy: user-centric privacy; use cases; guidelines
  • Security: how to built IoT systems with security at the core; guidelines
  • Semantic Interoperability: analysis of success and failures; guidelines for developers
  • Interoperability of platforms: interoperability framework; the use of IIoT; guidelines
  • Teaching material for privacy and security practitioners
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Main results

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